Thursday, August 13, 2009

Noordin got out before raid?

View the original source: AsiaOne, 13 August 2009

Noordin is believed to have left his hideout in a house in Temanggung, central Java, last Friday before police launched a massive assault lasting 17 hours.

Noordin's hideout in Temanggung had been under anti-terror police surveillance for a week before heavily armed units moved in on Friday.

Anti-terror officers said Noordin was inside the house together with four other militants, including Boim.

"Noordin left with two members while Boim and his accomplice stayed behind," said an officer.

Police do not know the exact time Noordin and his men left the house. Boim's accomplice allegedly also left before police moved in.

The officer rejected suggestions Noordin had received a tip-off, saying the escape artist possessed great instincts which gave him a good sense of timing.

"He never stays long in any given place," the officer added.

A manhunt for Noordin and his men has been launched.

"We believe he is still in Java. He has not left the country," said the officer.

Noordin is still alive in Indonesia and probably plotting his next terror hit. This was the warning issued by Indonesian police spokes-man Nanan Sukarna who said that the terror attacks in the country were far from over.

"We must be on the alert that he (Noordin) will make new (attack) plans," Sukarna said.

Indonesian police victim identification unit chief Eddy Saparwoko identified the dead gunman as Ibrahim, also known as Boim.

Boim worked at a florist shop at the Ritz-Carlton. He was the inside man who smuggled the bombs into the Ritz-Carlton and the adjacent J.W. Marriott. The bombs went off on July 17.