Monday, September 7, 2009

Balinese people`s behavior has changed: academic

Original source: Antara News

Balinese people have over the past few years undergone behavioral changes as a result of modernization and globalization, an academic said.

A lecturer at Denpasar`s State Hindu Dharma Institute, Prof I Nengah Duija, said the behavioral changes were marked by the frequent occurrence of violence.

"The behavioral changes of the Balinese people are marked by various acts of violence such as gang fights," said the anthropologist at the Denpasar State Hindu Dharma Institute.

He added besides gang fights, suicides, abortions, and sexual deviation among teenagers were increasing and getting out of hands on the resort island of Bali.

"Following the behavioral changes, it is time for the people of Bali to look back into their past and reminisce about their positive moral and religious values," Nengah Duija said.

The past, according to him was the self reflection of oral traditions which had been overrun by modernization and globalization.

"Even a new tradition can be born if the local community are able to have full and total comprehension of the mystery of their surrounding environment," Nengah Duija said.