Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Indonesia Muslim's Moderate Attitude Praised

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The moslem community in Australia who came from the different nations in the world still have their own identity, and in the process, the moderate attitude of Indonesian moslems can be made a reference, Australian young moslem leader Mohammed El-Leissy said.

"Apart from the problem of corruption in Indonesia, Indonesian moslems are closer to Islam. We in Australia are still maintaining our identity, and I wish to assume a moderate attitude of Indonesian moslems (reference)," he said at a discussion with ANTARA, Republika daily and TV-One in Melbourne Tuesday.

When visited the studio of the Community Radio "Syn FM" at the Royal Technology Institute in Melbourne, El-Leissy who visited Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Bandung last May as participant in an exchange program of Australia-Indonesia young moslem leaders, he said he liked Indonesia very much.

His liking of Indonesia was gained in his experience of interaction and seeing from close quarters the life of moslems in Indonesia, including the freedom of women, and their relationship with men.

The broadcaster of Syn FM RMIT who is active in the Victoria Islamic Council even called Indonesia as the biggest moslem population in the world with the highest maturity, which not many countries in the Middle East have.