Thursday, October 1, 2009

Indonesia: Some McDonalds Become Tonijack's

Source (click to view): VIVA News. Picture story: detik Finance

Indonesian mogul Bambang Rachmadi launched Tonijack's Indonesia as a replacement for McDonald's Indonesia whose franchise right has been terminated.

The overall modified outlets reach 13.

"I'm really disappointed about this," he said on Thursday, October 1, "but I'm sure every employee can understand. I have to take a strategic maneuver as a form of my responsibility."

Bambang teamed up with Suryo B Sulisto to manage the business.

Suryo is a businessman and founder of PT Satmarindo Group, which focuses on oil, mining, tourism, retail, sea and air transportation sectors. "He is also chief commissioner of PT Bumi Resources Tbk and Giordano Indonesia," he said.

Bambang claimed Tonijack's is introduced as a part of saving around 800 employees from being laid off.

"After the franchise right came to an end, 800 employees were facing layoff," said Bambang.